Well we have a much needed break coming our way as a band, no live shows till July 28th. And you know what that means. we can record and work on new songs for you:) as well as sneak in a short surf trip.

Jesus Mucho

And thats a wrap. Thank you to all of those who came to support us as well as Liquid Joe’s and of coarse Dick and Jimmy Dale

Well ladies and gentlemen, Dick Dale and Jimmy Dale have officially left the building. What a hell of a show. We had a lot of fun. The Samuel Smith band rockedddddd as did the legend DICK DALE and his son Jimmy Dale. Please support this type of music. There is not auto tune, there is not pre programed bullshit, just straight up rock and roll. To all that came to support us, a very humble thank you. “We bid you all much love and good morning until last night”

jesus mucho

Tickets for the Dick Dale / Sam Smith Band / SexWax Surfers show

We are selling Tickets to the Dick Dale Show we are opening for. Please contact me for tickets. We are selling them fast so get yours now. Support our band please. $20 dollars July 1st

Attention all you surf bum music listeners, We are opening up for the legendary king of surf guitar Dick Dale!!!!!!!!!

Attention Attention Attention, Its official. The SexWax Surfers are opening up for The king of Surf Guitar him self, Dick Dale. The show is going to be July 1st at Liquid Joes. Please contact me if you want to go. I will have tickets for sale for $20 dollars. If you have never seen Dick Dale or us for that matters, best be ponying up at get your ticket now. This is a big deal for us as Dick Dale has been such a personal hero for many years. Please support us at this show.

People of the Inter-web, the question is who love you. Yep thats right the SexWax Surfers love you, and to show our love we are going to play some live music for you this Saturday June 16th. We are bring along a few of our friends as well because thats the way we are. Hollow Miles, Hectic Hobo, Salt Lake Whalefishers, and Minx. Did I leave anyone out. Oh yeah us, the SexWax Surfers. So bring a friend or two and come on out and support some local live music Damit.

Jesus Mucho

Alex Knost Shredding a long board

Dawg Pound was rockin

Thanks to all of our friends that made it out last night. Super fun show. The Glorius Bastards rocked as usual. Even though they like to show us up with a surf song to start out with, there show is full of energy and kinda just all over the place with blending different sounds. Flow finished up the show with some great tunes. It reminded me of some Bob Dylan if he were a 25 today. All in all it was a fantastic show. Thanks to the Dawg Pound for having us there, make sure you check out the line up tonight 5/26 some good bands are playing. Check out Dawg Pounds web page or face book for details.

jesus mucho


FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY, we are going to surf our way in to the DAWG POUND once again with the Glorius Bastards, Come down and see us. 9pm. get a free sticker and slap it on your car or kids lunch box. Ok maybe dont do that!!!!!


Tonights show was lots of fun for a monday night. Banks and Bandits ripped sh*t up for a 2 piece band, and Uncle Scam/Minx killed it too.I was excited to see this 2 piece set get funky with effects and showmanship. Is that even a word? Red Bennies closed the show with a rocking sound as well. Thanks to Burts for having us again. Always love playing there. Please go to see these bands that are very entertaining.

jesus mucho

Burts Tiki Lounge Tonight, May 14th with Uncle Scam

Come see us tonight and get a free sticker.